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"Ask for help. Not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong."

At Awkward Recovery, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. All personal information shared with us is protected under our Personally Identifiable Information (PII) policy. This policy ensures that every piece of your data, from your name and address to your health information, is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security. We adhere to strict protocols and employ advanced measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, ensuring your information is used solely for its intended purpose in your journey to recovery. Your trust is our priority, and we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and privacy of your personal data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • At Awkward Recovery, we pride ourselves on our personalized and empathetic approach to treatment. We understand that recovery is a unique journey for each individual, and our programs are designed to accommodate the specific needs, challenges, and strengths of each person. Our commitment to innovative and inclusive treatment options, combined with our supportive community, sets us apart and provides our clients with the tools and environment necessary for effective and sustainable recovery.

  • At Awkward Recovery, we recognize that each individual's path to healing is distinct. While our standard treatment model spans 8 weeks, we understand that personal needs and circumstances can vary. That's why we don't enforce rigid timeframes. Instead, each client receives a customized treatment plan, meticulously crafted to address their unique challenges, goals, and stage in their recovery journey.

    We've observed that sustained engagement in recovery significantly enhances the likelihood of successfully overcoming addiction and achieving lasting sobriety. Our multi-tiered treatment structure allows clients to participate in recovery for the duration most beneficial to them, ensuring that the level and length of treatment align perfectly with their individual needs.

    Beyond the initial treatment phase, Awkward Recovery is dedicated to offering continuous support. We encourage individual counseling sessions with our masters level recovery counselors extends past the IOP phase of an individuals journey. Our community events and resources, rooted in the vibrant heart of our location, provide ongoing encouragement and connection, reinforcing the foundations of a successful and enduring recovery journey.

  • Absolutely, continuing your sessions with your counselor post-IOP treatment is not only possible, but it's highly recommended. Transitioning from the structured environment of IOP to everyday life can be a significant adjustment and may introduce challenges along your recovery journey.


    To ease this transition and maintain the momentum you've built, we advocate for a gradual step-down approach. This typically involves moving into weekly individual sessions after concluding your IOP treatment, providing you with continued support and guidance. From there, we can collaboratively assess and determine the most suitable path forward, ensuring your recovery remains on a steady, positive trajectory.

  • At Awkward Recovery, we place a strong emphasis on equipping our clients with essential life skills and offering ongoing therapeutic support as they transition back into their daily routines.

    Life Skills Training: Our comprehensive life skills program is designed to prepare our clients for the challenges of day-to-day living post-treatment. We focus on developing key competencies such as financial management, time management, communication, and problem-solving skills. These sessions are tailored to help individuals manage personal responsibilities, maintain healthy relationships, and navigate various social and professional situations confidently.

    Continued Therapy and Support: We firmly believe that recovery is a continuous journey and that sustained support is crucial for long-term success. Even after completing our program, clients have the option to continue individual therapy sessions with their counselor. These sessions provide a safe space to discuss ongoing challenges, reinforce coping strategies, and ensure that the transition back into everyday life is as smooth and sustainable as possible. We also encourage participation in our support groups, where individuals can share experiences, offer mutual support, and remain connected to a community that understands and supports their journey to lasting recovery.

    By focusing on these two critical areas, Awkward Recovery aims to not only assist our clients in achieving sobriety but also in acquiring the skills and support necessary to lead a fulfilling and balanced life.

  • Absolutely. At Awkward Recovery, we recognize the intricate link between mental health and substance abuse and provide comprehensive care for individuals facing primary mental health challenges. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to address a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and others. We offer tailored treatment plans, which may include therapy, holistic practices, and support groups, all designed to address the unique needs of each individual. Our inclusive approach ensures that every client receives the compassionate care and support necessary to navigate their mental health journey towards healing and empowerment.

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